Our team of professionals will                     investigate: 

  • Haunted Sites
  • UFO close encounters
  • Extraterrestrials
  • Sasquatch and other cryptids
  • Animal Mutilations
  • Time anomalies
  • Mounds
  • Missing persons
  • Orbs or rods
  • Portals and Vortexes
  • ​Ley Lines and power centers

  Un-X ​Paranormal Investigation Group

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Onlikne articles on every subject in the UNEXPLAINED Phenomena category! 

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 Un-X News
​Radio Show

Margie interviews top researchers and authors, and actual witnesses to events on the radio show. Topics include UFOs, extraterrestrials, inter-dimensionals, cryptozoology, crop circles, time travel, conspiracies, chem trails, animal mutilations, drones, and much more. If it is strange and weird, Margie will talk about it! 

Un-X News Radio airs first Saturdays

7 - 9 pm EST, 6 - 8 pm CST

on the KGRA Radio network

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