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March 2: Clarence Williams and Lerone Pryor will discuss their close encounter in Kansas City in October of 2011 and ongoing sightings. This was at Top 10 Case in 2011, and one of the 87 sightings in Kansas City during the month of October during one of the biggest UFO flaps ever recorded in the area. Clarence and Lerone experienced a huge craft just feet from them, and Clarence got photographs of ETs. They both got photos of the craft. Hear this amazing story from the eyewitnesses. 

March 9: Craig Campobasso, Hollywood film producer, will talk about his short film Stranger at the Pentagon which is an adaptation of the book by Dr. Frank Stranges. Dr. Frank was visited by Valiant Thor from Venus on many occasions during and after his 3-year visit to the Pentagon. Hear this amazing story and the exiting plans for a feature length film. 

March 16: Nuclear Physicist, author and speaker  Stanton Friedman discusses UFOs and his latest book - Need we say more?

March 23:Live remote broadcast - Paranormal Investigation at the Haunted Ginger Rogers House in Independence, MO with Margie Kay and the Quest Paranormal Investigation Team and KC Paranormal Investigations. So far, our investigations prove that this house is extremely haunted by multiple spirits. The home was built in 1906 and Ginger Rogers was born here! Exclusive first live broadcast from the site. 

March 30: Sam Uptegrove: Newspaper columnist and author will discuss his paranormal investigations

Margie Kay is a veteran UFO and paranormal researcher and director of Un-X Paranormal Investigation Group in Kansas City, Missouri. She is a nationally acclaimed remote viewer and psychic detective, and has helped to solve missing person, homicide, and theft cases worldwide.

Margie is the author of twelve books including Gateway to the Dead: A Ghost Hunter's Field Guide, The Kansas City UFO Flaps, Mysterious Missouri, and Haunted Independence. She is also chief editor of
Un-X News Magazine Online. She is currently working on two documentary films and three books.

Margie's guests are international researchers and authors. There is never a dull moment at Un-X News! 

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