If you have a site that needs to be investigated please contact us at investigations@unx.news.com

Un-X Paranormal Investigation Group

Our team of professionals will investigate: 

Haunted Sites
UFO close encounters
Sasquatch and other cryptids
Animal Mutilations
Time anomalies
Missing persons
Orbs or rods
Portals and Vortexes
​Ley Lines and power centers
​Fairies and Elementals
Psychic Phemomena

Crop Circles

Un-X Paranormal Investigation Group is the premier Midwest Region Investigation association. We are affiliated with Un-X News Magazine and Un-X News Radio Show. 

We are a team of seasoned investigators including trained forensic investigators, trained police officers, private investigators, and a professional remote viewer/psychic investigator, and scientists, along with others trained specifically in animal mutilations, hauntings, extraterrestrials, and UFOs. We also call on professionals from other areas to assist and work with us.

We do not charge for our services. We are interested in not only solving the mystery, but can assist in removal of pesky spirits if needed. We may also write about the event in our magazine or blog, or interview witnesses for our radio show. All witnesses may remain confidential if desired and we will use a different name or initials if desired. 

Un-X Investigation Group is SERIOUS about this business - it is not a joke when paranormal things happen - this is REALITY. Therefore, please do not waste our time with hoaxes. We rarely do TV or radio shows (as guests) unless we vet the interviewer first, so if you plan to make a joke out of this don't bother calling us.